About Us

The Mind Force Society is a scientific society of academics, researchers and scholars working for years in different areas of Complexity Science. The Mind Force Society is a no-profit trust whose mission is the promotion of excellence of Complexity Science in scientific research, education, innovation culture, psychological, social and health welfare. The MFS is acting as a permanent cultural and scientific institution studying complex systems in all their manifestations: social, cultural, economic, physico-mathematical and biomedical. A particular interest is devoted to the mind/body system. The section of the Mind Force Society in charge of scientific research is called the Institute for Complexity Studies.

Methods Workshop & Symposium Pathways of Change

First Announcement European Chapter of the Society for Psychotherapy Research SPR-EU Methods Workshop & Symposium Pathways of Change 24-27 April 2019, Certosa di Pontignano, Siena Co-sponsored by University of Siena Mind Force Society Istituto di Psicoterapia Integrata Società Italiana Terapia Comportamentale e Cognitiva SITCC Complexity Science in Psychotherapy, Special Interest Group SPR-SIG Topics of the […]

Chaos and Complexity Letters

The Institute for Complexity Studies publishes since 2005 Chaos and Complexity Letters International Journal of Dynamical Systems Journal Editors: Editor-in-Chief: Franco F. OrsucciCo-Editor: Nicoletta Sala Journal Description: Chaos and Complexity Letters is a refereed journal for scientific papers dealing with any area of complex systems research. Relevant topics include, but are not limitted to: *artificial life; cellular […]