The Mind Force Manifesto

The Mind Force Manifesto

Pontignano Charterhouse
September 2008

Matter, mind, brain, body and society emerge from the same stream in the complexity of nature: we call this energy ‘Mind Force’.

Connections of genes and molecules, neurons and hormones, thinking and language, people and organizations form a continuous flow of synchronized interactions.

Interactions between networks across many scales, from molecular, to biological, to cognitive and social sustain its scaling and cascading.

Mind Force is a hyper network of networks. We can recognize in this hyper network the landscapes and fields of Mind Force.

The empowerment of individuals by Mind Force comes from integrating multiple perspectives and multiple complementary disciplines: simplicity and complexity are complimentary moments of our knowledge of each other, the world, and us.

Resources for research would follow the integrated path to a deeper knowledge based on multidisciplinary collaborations.

Science is lauded by societies beyond the circle of experts and recognized as a natural means of expanding lives when it stays within the stream of Mind Force.

This flow sustains the inner strength and growth of individuals and communities.