Methods Workshop & Symposium Pathways of Change



European Chapter of the Society for Psychotherapy Research SPR-EU

Methods Workshop & Symposium

Pathways of Change


24-27 April 2019, Certosa di Pontignano, Siena


University of Siena

Mind Force Society

Istituto di Psicoterapia Integrata

Società Italiana Terapia Comportamentale e Cognitiva SITCC

Complexity Science in Psychotherapy, Special Interest Group SPR-SIG


Concepts of complexity science address common phenomena known of Human Change. Psychotherapists and social scientists use many different terminologies to express them.

We will explore the deeper implications of a general theory of Human Change


“We shall not cease from exploration

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time”


Full Program and instructions for attendance on

Location of the Workshop & Symposium

The University of Siena (Tuscany, Italy), Certosa of Pontignano




Workshop Program


Wednesday, 24th of April

Arrival of attendees; dinner with semi-informal dinner-lecture TBD


Thursday, 25th of April

Opening of the workshop setting up goals and pathways:

Svenja Taubner, Wolfgang Tschacher, Franco Orsucci

Morning Session: Data Analysis

Wolfgang Tschacher, Bern (nonverbal synchrony, detection of attractors)

Giulio de Felice, Roma (symbolic dynamics and networks)

Johan Kleinbub, Padova (MEA)

Marco Gori, Siena (AI)

Afternoon session: Building Models

Günter Schiepek, Salzburg (synthetic equations, modeling)

Chiara Mocenni, Siena (networks and models)

Silvia Tiezzi, Siena (modeling attachment)

Omar Gelo, Lecce – Wien (phase transitions)


Friday, 26th of April

Morning session: Translational Clinical Practice

Franco Orsucci, London (semiotic dynamics and translational processes)

Mattias Desmet, Ghent (epistemology of translational processes)

Felicitas Rost, London (clinical research)

Mario Reda, Siena (clinical, theoretical and experimental pathways)

Afternoon session: Sharing Lessons and Questions on Complexity and Human Change

Svenja Taubner (Chair), Wolfgang Tschacher, Franco Orsucci, Felicitas Rost, Mario Reda, Christoph Flückiger, Sergio Salvatore + All



Milestones on Complexity Science for Human Change

Invited Speakers

Svenja Taubner, Heidelberg

Christoph Flückiger, Zurich

Sergio Salvatore, Lecce

Felicitas Rost, London

Mario Fulcheri, Pescara

Ezio Menoni, Firenze



full attendance fee (workshop & symposium) will be €150

only the Workshop or only the Symposium, fee is reduced to €100

students of all levels have a reduced fee of €80 for all the events

your registration is completed by paying the registration fee to the following bank account and emailing receipt to Corina Aguilar-Raab (SPR-EU Treasurer)


Depositor: Corina Aguilar-Raab/ Treuhandkonto SPR (escrow account)

IBAN: DE11672500201003118424


Bank name: Heidelberger Sparkasse, Kurfürstenanlage 10-12, 69115 Heidelberg



Lodging at the Certosa, in the enchanting landscapes of Tuscany, is affordable and comfortable.

Please note that the Certosa is all pre-booked for us.

Therefore, please call, fax or email to book, specifying that you are attending our Workshop & Symposium:

Certosa di Pontignano

53019, Castelnuovo Berardenga (SI) Italy

tel: (+39) 0577-1521104

fax: (+39) 0577-1521098



Scientific Committee: Franco Orsucci, Svenja Taubner, Wolfgang Tschacher

Ezio Menoni, Chiara Mocenni, Mario Antonio Reda, Guenter Schiepeck, Mario Fulcheri

Organising Committee: Luca Canestri, Eutizio Egiziano, Dario Madeo