Connect Symposium Human Change Dynamics


Connect Symposium Human Change Dynamics


Complexity Science in Psychotherapy, Interest Section SPR-IS

Mind Force Society – Institute for Complexity Studies

European Academy of Sciences and Arts


11th of September 2021, 10-14 CET

On Zoom


The Symposium will consist of short contributions addressing empirical methods, findings and models in the field of complexity science, human change, psychotherapy research, 10-13 CET.

Complexity Science core concepts, such as dynamical systems, self-organization, and interactional synchrony, can provide answers to questions relevant to psychotherapy research, and in general to human change dynamics.

Among open questions are common and specific factors of therapeutic intervention, the integration of the field with neuroscience, the temporal course of therapy, and the emergence of, or transitions between, patterns of functioning. Complexity science offers new analysis tools, theoretical models, new horizons for the evolution of therapy and human change.

The business meeting will follow up, 13-14 CET, replacing the SIG meeting originally planned at the 52nd SPR International Meeting in Heidelberg. The business meeting of the Interest Section will report on events and proceedings since the last Section meeting at the 5th joint European & UK Chapters conference in Krakow (2019). There will be time for discussion of future developments and goals of the Section.


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The Symposium and the business meeting are free of charge.

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Invited speakers:

Klaus Mainzer, European Academy of Sciences and Arts

Claudi Bockting, Amsterdam University

Sander Koole, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Rosa Michaelis, University Witten/Herdecke

Mario A Reda, Siena University

Günter Schiepeck, Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg


Chair and discussants:

Franco F Orsucci, UCL, NSFT, MAAS, MFS-ICS

Wolfgang Tschacher, Bern University



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